Before you contact support...

We pride ourselves on the quality of our support - but first - please try to resolve your problem by:

  • Read the Help file provided with the software (press F1 to access it when the application is open). The help files are extensive and will often solve your problem if you take the time to read them

TextPipe Lite Support request

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Please describe the problem in detail, including exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred, and how you have tried to rectify the problem. Was there an error message displayed? If so, please include the details of the error message from the dialog box. If relevant, please include the command line parameters being used:

After receiving your support request we may request the following items:

  • Screen dump of product screens or of error messages - press Alt PrtSc together, then open MS Word or WordPad and Paste the screen. Save the document, zip it and then email it back to us.
  • Settings files. With TextPipe Lite, the filter file (.fll) being used (zipped), as well as the text that demonstrates the problem in the Trial Run area. For other products, please send us a zipped copy of the settings file (the file type varies between products)
  • Please zip all attachments