Search and Replace Excel Spreadsheets

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Connect using Native Tools to Avoid Corruption

To search and replace Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks, a tool is required that connects natively to MS Excel to avoid data corruption and loss of information.


Ability to Search Huge Numbers of Spreadsheets

The ability to search huge numbers of spreadsheets is essential for any document migration, server renaming or link rectification process. Also, the process should not rely on loading the entire list of search files into memory at the start, as:

  • the list of spreadsheets may fill memory!
  • files cannot be edited by others at the same time.

Restart capability

Although Excel has been around for a number of years, it still has memory leaks that mean that over time it becomes slower, less responsive and eventually hangs when processing large numbers of spreadsheets. Restart capability is an essential component of any tool that is used to mass-replace across Excel spreadsheets.


We recommend the search and replace tool by DataMystic called ExcelPipe Search and Replace for Microsoft Excel.

ExcelPipe supports both perl regular expressions and EasyPattern regular expressions.